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We work with the body and mind using mindful movement, meditation, relationship-building via collaborative dialogue, and gratitude practices. Once interest is ignited, we provide training for participants to become nationally certificated and, in turn, teach others in their community, both inside and outside the prison. 95% of our wellbeing program participants, both in the community and inside the prison system, self-reported improved physical and mental health. 

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facilitating training

facilitate wellness training and support the rollout of training sessions within institutions.

customizable wellness

training to teach a wide variety of physical, emotional and social wellness classes.


employment opportunities in and outside the prison, decreasing likelihood of recidivism. 

the movement

Expansion beyond the prison: Our participants put together a wellness workshop where 400 prison members donated to communities outside the prison system. When our participants reenter society, they continue to stay in contact with us via closed groups. The women in our wellness program have added nearly half a million back into the Ohio economy/yearly, based on 100% employment rates/wages and 0% recidivism. During the pandemic, we expanded our service to the disenfranchised, offering well-being practices to LGBTQ+ communities of color.  We will forge partnerships across many states to identify and mobilize the community's capacity and ability to take action. FTN will amplify access to health and wellbeing and support reentry for all participants. Our curriculum and programs will partner with participants and staff to develop additional educators who improve the health and well-being of thousands of people inside the prison system. 


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