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Fit to Navigate seeks to combat recidivism, with a particular interest in mothers. This program empowers mothers and provides the means to sustain themselves and their families.  The end goal is for mothers enrolled in the program to obtain national wellness certification that equips them with skills to find or create employment once released. Gaining financially sustainable wages, and a healthy relationship with their environment, decreasing the likelihood of reoffending.

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facilitating training

facilitate wellness training and support the rollout of training sessions within institutions.

customizable wellness

training to teach a wide variety of physical, emotional and social wellness classes.


employment opportunities in and outside the prison, decreasing likelihood of recidivism. 

the movement

 we not only address a need in our community for those looking to break into the industry, but it is also founded with the purpose of funding training within prison systems. Fit to Navigate provides members a chance to earn national training certifications and a crash course in everything from managing facilities to client relationships. 


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