For every $1 invested, Fit to Navigate creates $13.80 - $16.23 of social, economic, and environmental Value.

Based on having 0% Recidivism Annual Value of reduced recidivism (Value to society): $3.6 Million.

Based on the current navigators, Increased Emotional Resiliency During Periods of Stress due to Physical Exercise accounts has a $1.3 million impact

Based on the current navigators, the Total Value of Skill Development to the Workforce is $137 thousand.

Based on the current navigators, the Total Value of an Increased sense of community (personal benefit) $450 thousand.


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Here is the impact your support can make: Based on the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation it cost Ohio $24,000 to incarcerate one person for a year and Ohio spent $1.7 billion in 2018 in Incarceration with more than half going back to the prison known as recidivism. The women in our wellness program have added $3.6 million to Ohio's economy annually, based on 100% employment rates/wages and 0% recidivism.   


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For 25 years, Personal Fitness Navigators (Wellness Center in Bexley, Ohio) has provided customized fitness and nutrition programs that nurture the mind, body, and soul. In 2016, PFN began working with women to implement a program within ORW Recreation Programming that supported members to improve their health and become health advocates. The program was life-changing for the women and the PFN team and helped the PFN team realize the true (social) value derived from translating business and fitness experience into a social venture. This was the birth of Fit to Navigate (FTN). We exist to empower the human spirit for members passionate about emotional, physical, and social growth to drive community impact.

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